The Teachers Toolbox – Documents Download

All downloads in this section are provided by Geoff Petty.


Teaching Skills

These downloads are about teaching skills as well as content.

Teaching Generic Skills (Word)
Gibbs Exercise Four reading (Word)
Gibbs Exercise Five (Word)
How to teach intelligence – Feuerstein (Word)
Effective Study Skills (Word)
Dweck’s Theory of Motivation (Word)


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Effective Feedback

These downloads are about effective feedback for learners.

Black and Wiliam (Word)
Formative Teaching Methods (Word)
Effective Reinforcement for Motivation (Word)


Self-assessing Your Own Teaching

These downloads are to you help you self-assess your own teaching.

Lesson Observation (Word)
Learning Journal (Word)
Teacher Style Student Questions (Word)
Teacher’s Style Question (Word)

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These downloads are for trainers to lead sessions on Differentiation.

The first download has now been adopted by the DfE Standards Unit (Business Education materials). You may have a copy in your college, it will work for any curriculum area.

Two Methods – Which teaching methods differentiate best? (Word)
Differentiation – What and How? (Word)
Differentiation – How to do it? (Word)
Decisions-Decisions – A generic game for differentiation (Word)
Bloom’s Taxonomy and Task Design (Word)
Helping Students with their Writing (Word)
Planning Clock (Word)
Making it happen (Word)
Making it happen 1: Why do we need five steps? (Word)
Making it happen 2: Five steps to better teaching (Word)
Making it happen 3: Some Effective Training Designs (Word)


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FSAVC Mis-selling

Hundreds of thousands of teachers, including school admin staff, were advised to invest extra contributions outside the main pension scheme, and into an arrangement run by insurance companies.

For a number of reasons, this was very bad advice, and resulted in huge loses for those with FSAVCs.